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Battle Of The Remotes Battle Of The Remotes

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

it was alright

this wasn't much in terms of story or characters and while it probably took a while to make, the reality is that it is too short for newgrounds. i like the style of it but the lack of point really made it hard to like overall sorry.

so basically, make it longer or have a point to the movie and it's be great!

fishhook responds:

not really much of a story and yes it did take a long time with over 250+ individual shots ages infact...

The Best of Bigfoot The Best of Bigfoot

Rated 2 / 5 stars


i may have seen one or two of your other flashes, but most of these were new to me. i gotta say, if these were your best, sorry, but you need to keep working on it. i did not laugh once for about the first eleven and even after that it was only the occasional giggle...

having said that i do respect the amount of work that has been put in. for example the blood splatter when all the doom monsters were running foward was really good and the kirby, non-sprite bit was excellent. do more animation rather than sprite stuff, as you are much better at animating than you are at commedy.

that's just my opinion though. judging from the other reviews i have a different sense of humour than the audience this was intended for.

Bigfoot3290 responds:

Well, it makes sense. If you don't like the first few, you may not like the last either, considering this was all made by one person - me. What I'm sayin' is, the style of humor will be relatively the same throughout. Still, I'm glad you enjoyed some parts of it, and thanks for the decent criticism.

The Madness Of Madness! The Madness Of Madness!

Rated 2 / 5 stars

didn't do it for me...

it didn't have that madness zing that krinkles animations do. i think it was to slow (the animation) and way to short. the end was really bad and in my opinion just lazy, like you couldn't be bothered finishing it properly so you just did that. speed up the frame rate, make it way longer, give it some sort of a plot (doesn't have to be anything special, just he's after the leader and the minions are trying to stop him, or something) and then it might be starting to come together.

not horrible but really not that good

MACception responds:

Damn...we're like...on a "Bad review" streak or something...We started off with so many good reviews, now the bad ones are just PILING in.

Not that i disrespect your opinion. Thanks a bunch for giving it, and i'm sure Goshmo will take your advice into consideration when he does the next one.

The Jellyfish The Jellyfish

Rated 4 / 5 stars

that was reasonably amusing

first of all Dark_jonin is a complete idiot(he wrote the review before mine). i really didn't like the professors voice... really get some other actors adn the france joke was a bit... well, crap. but the reason i am voting high is because of the first three songs, used perfectly, and because of the 'chaos being unleshed' joke. to me, that was gold. well done.

SuperDuck-Rob responds:

haha glad we found something that amused you :) yeh the professor accent was a little odd, we'll find sum new actors soon! thanks for the review

Worms Shorts Special Ed. Worms Shorts Special Ed.

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


this was in no way amusing at all. all it was was worms killing each other. the shorts had no continuality, i.e. they didn't follow a story or anything, and again there was no humour. there were the ends of explosions left in some scenes and the motion wasn't always fluid. overall poor effort, i only watched two before i couldn't take any more

shimmy responds:

well the majority of people like so yeh mabey your juz the odd one out or somethin i dunno


Rated 2 / 5 stars

I hate clock movies

and you just added to the list of reasons why. the art was good but i could hardly understand what the hell they were saying and the joke was really crap, in my opinion that is.

l1fty responds:

Will do subtitles next time. And yea, the joke's crap idd D:

Halo TTR - Short Halo TTR - Short

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Nice art work

But it lacked on everthing else, sorry. i dont know get someone to write you a script or something but make it longer please. also the elites head needs to be redrawn, but nothing else. not bad

TrueDarkness responds:

Thanks glad you liked the art, I'll try and make more skits, and put them in 1 flash.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

not bad

the graphics were better than i've seen in a while. good work, bit short though

Marked4AdminReview responds:

omfgnewsn: not bad June 20, 2004
Reviewed by: Dark_oil Overall rating: 6
the graphics were better than i've seen in a while. good work, bit short though
Graphics: 8 Sound: 8 Interactivity: 0 Style: 0 Violence: 0 Humor: 4
NewGroundsTravis: :-)
NewGroundsTravis: im on it ;)
omfgnewsn: haha no don't mod it >_<

Lobster The Lobster Ep 10 Lobster The Lobster Ep 10

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I love the whole series

only one problem: there is no episode 7!! where is it?

Yarharhar responds:

pssst...ultross strikes...

Hey Ya CC Collab thingy 1 Hey Ya CC Collab thingy 1

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

my favorite bit was

in the paper it said

"nothing to read here, zoom out you fuckhead!"

Fishtank responds: